He may make any of these his surname and hence he may be G. He may be the son of O. It was customary that the eldest son be given the name of his paternal grandfather and the eldest daughter the name of her maternal grandmother. This naming convention is also seen among the Sephardic Jews, whose customs may have been imbibed by the Syrian Christians in kerala.

As a general rule, the Syrian Christians bear names which are biblical.

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It is interesting to record that despite Decree XVI of the Synod of Diamper ofwhich forbade the use of old testament names, for years after this date the Syrian Christians still continued using such names, though through usage they became Indianised. They also shared with the Nairs some honorific titles.

Syrian Names

The boy would then carry the family name of his wife. This would mostly happen when a family had no male heirs to carry on the family name. The most popular name among the Syrian Christians was George. This was on account of the popularity of this name in Asia Minor where the tomb of George exists in Jaffa, Palestine. The discarding of Biblical names to be replaced with Sanskritised names is also being seen in increasing frequency.

Hindu Traditions of St. Thomas —Thondacchan and the Four Silver Coins. George- Geevarghese Sahada traditions and rituals among Nasranis. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Dear sirs, would you please share with us the root meaning of syrian christian names such as Koshy, ninan, oommen, chandy etc.

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Alex dallas. Hi Alex, The shortened version Alexander is sandy. Chandy must be the Malayalam version of Sandy. George Bangalore. Hi Alex, I do not think so. Chandy is a traditional Nasrani name. There could not have been any English influence then. Sandy is a pretty new name that is of English origin used by Malayali Christians parents to name their boy.

It is not all that common, either. Even Alexanders are not pet-named Sandy.Alan Kurdi born as Alan Shenuinitially reported as Aylan Kurdi[2] [3] was a three-year-old Syrian boy of Kurdish ethnic background [4] whose image made global headlines after he drowned on 2 September in the Mediterranean Sea along with his mother and brother.

Alan and his family were Syrian refugees trying to reach Europe amid the European refugee crisis see timeline. During this time, Kurdi's father arranged for an illegal passage to Kos. Kurdi's family members were hoping to join their relatives in VancouverBritish ColumbiaCanadaafter his aunt Tima Kurdi filed for refugee sponsorship, [12] but this was rejected by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada after the family members were denied an exit visa by Turkish authorities.

They are required to demonstrate that they can provide roughly 27, Canadian dollars to support a family of four refugees. According to Alexandra Kotyk, project manager of Lifeline Syriaa refugee settlement group in Torontothe program requires that people seeking to come to Canada from Turkey first be declared refugees by the Turkish government. She said that was often a difficult or impossible condition to fulfill.

kerala christian names, their origin and english equivalents

In the early hours of 2 SeptemberKurdi and his family boarded a small plastic or rubber inflatable boat[17] which capsized about five minutes after leaving Bodrum in Turkey. Sixteen people were in the boat, which was designed for a maximum of eight people.

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Alan Kurdi's mother joined the trip despite her fear of being on the open sea. The individuals on the boat evaded the Turkish Coastguard by setting out from an isolated beach late at night. Around 5 am, authorities started an investigation after an emergency call that a boat had capsized and bodies were coming ashore. The two men moved the bodies from the water, where Kurdi was later photographed by a Turkish press photographer.

It is Islamic tradition to bury the dead within 24 hours if possible. Turkish authorities later arrested four individuals in connection with the illegal journey, although they appeared to be low-level intermediaries. Alan Kurdi's father, Abdullah Kurdi, has stated in some of his interviews that the inflatable boat became uncontrollable as its engine had failed, with the 'captain' abandoning it and everyone else. An Iraqi survivor from the same boat, Zainab Abbas, who also lost two children from the attempted crossing, told reporters that Abdullah had been presented to her as the "captain", that he was driving the overcrowded boat too fast, causing it to flip over, and that he pleaded with her while they were still both in the water not to report him to anyone in authority.

Abdullah denied the accusation, stating: "If I was a people smugglerwhy would I put my family in the same boat as the other people? I paid the same amount to the people smugglers.

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It was also not uncommon for one of the passengers to be given the responsibility of driving the boat. No smuggler, with family in Turkey and a steady income from the lucrative smuggling trade, would want to end up illegally in Europe and risk not being able to return home, where he would be likely to face arrest anyway.New addition to your family? Click here. Is your family visiting you?

syrian christian boy names

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Hebrew, Gr. Greek, Lt. Latin, Rm. Roman, Ar. Armenian, Ir. Irish, Ger.

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Germanian, Sp. Spanish It is to be noted that the origin mentioned here is not the immediate origin from where the malayalam name originated, but the root of the name.

The english equivalents given here are those used locally in Kerala. Hovering your mouse over the english equivalents will give the extended meanings of the respective names. There are still other kerala christian names out there, and do comment us about them. Hence do not take this list as conclusive or exhaustive. Sometimes while updating the database, I have the names but I would get stuck in identifying the gender of the person. Reference: 1. Cross reference: The Syrian Christians by S.

Pothen; from an article by Nidhin Olikara on nasrani. Tags: ancestry family family tree genealogy genealogy database generations kerala christian names malayalam names origin religion roots syrian christian tradition. There is no English Equivalent of Valsamma. May be it was given as a name because Mother Mary was also known as Valsala Mathaavu. Pappan is a Greek name also heard in some french islands ,ommen is a place in Netherlands Dutch ,a dutch commander during the year to was Mr Adriaan van ommen ,who was posted in dutch Malabar originally from a Sephardic jewish family migrated from arab peninsula to Spain ,and due to spanish inquisition remigrated to Netherlands ommen in ,ommen must be derived from jewish name Oman,Onan,ornan.

Oommen is the shortened version of Thommen which is Indianisation or say Malayalam version ofThomas, one of the disciples of Jesus who as per the legend brought gospel to India in 1st century AD.

But generally it is the pet name of the people whose baptism name is Joseph. FYI, Kuriakose is not a mystery. It is not from Cyril. It is still used as a Greek name. I like to thank the guy who created this name thing. Slight correction. Ciriaco was derived from the same and came later. Also, in my family Habel is Pappachan.

Assyrian Names and Meanings for Boys and Girls

But Habel is not a common name, so pappachan must have different origins. Can anybody help me to know the origin of Papachan, This is my baptism name, Hence I quite interested to know about this name. Thank you. Hi there Was curious about the origin of the name Korah Kunjkorah was my grandfather In the bible Korah was the rebellious cousin of moses, surely not a name to pick!

Yes korah was from Aaron bloodline ,and they are ordained for priesthood, but they rebelled against Aaron aNd moses ,snd was cut off ,but few escaped.Records on baby names only started to be tabulated in the U.

But now a researcher named Douglas Galbi has compiled lists of baby names drawn from census records of the early 19th century. Nameberry combed through Galbi's data on baby names from to in search of trends, patterns, and vintage baby names that go way beyond the expected JohnMaryElizabeth and James. Religious names, particularly from the Bible, were prominent in the early 19th century.

Early 19th century Americans revered the classics, with names from mythology or ancient history widely used. In the century after the birth of the United States, names that honored American places and heroes were popular. For girls, these included America, Indiana, Missouri and Tennessee. Names in common use for boys from to include several choices now found more often for girls. Among the old-school Lavinias and Hezekiahs are several names that feel more like modern inventions.

Other names with a contemporary style include such nature- and word-inspired names like Dahlia, Easter and Olive for girls and AlmondGreen and Pleasant f or boys. Of course there are many names on the rolls for that are rarely found today. Some names were spelled differently then than they are now, for instance: Malinda, MalissaPhebe. In addition, names such as Permilia, thought to be an antiquated form of Pamela, as well as Electa, Fidelia, Hulda, Narcissa, Parthena and Sophrona do not appear at all on the U.

Boys names found in the records for the first half of the 19th century that do not appear at all on the complete baby names list for include Adalbert, Erasmus and Lafayette. A number of others hang on with just a handful of modern bearers. While Mary and John held tight to the number one spots through the first half of the 19th century, many of the most popular names of the era are popular and stylish again today, some of them after a long decline or two and rebirth.

syrian christian boy names

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Death of Alan Kurdi

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syrian christian boy names

Elyse Lewin via Getty Images. Suggest a correction. Newsletter Sign Up. Successfully Subscribed!Below you will find our wide selection of Syrian boy names and Syrian girl names, as categorized by our name experts research, our readers feedback and other sources. Click on a name to read the meaning, popularity, pronunciation and other useful information. If you purchase a product or service linked from this site, we may receive an "affiliate commission".

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Syrian Names Syrian Baby Names Below you will find our wide selection of Syrian boy names and Syrian girl names, as categorized by our name experts research, our readers feedback and other sources. Read Privacy Policy Accept Cookies.A name commonly represented a person's personality or reputation in Bible times.

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Names were chosen to reflect the child's character or express the parents' dreams or wishes for the child. Hebrew names often had familiar, easy-to-understand meanings. The prophets of the Old Testament frequently gave their children names that were symbolic of their prophetic ministry. Nowadays, parents continue to treasure the ancient tradition of choosing a name from the Bible—a name that will hold particular significance for their child.

This comprehensive list of biblical baby boy names draws together actual names in Scripture and names derived from biblical words, including the language, origin, and meaning of the name see also Baby Girl Names. Aaron Hebrew - Exodus. Abel Hebrew - Genesis - vanity; breath; vapor; a city; mourning.

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Abiathar Hebrew - 1 Samuel - excellent father; father of the remnant. Abijah Hebrew - 1 Chronicles - the Lord is my father. Abner Hebrew - 1 Samuel - father of light. Abraham Hebrew - Genesis - father of a great multitude.

Abram Hebrew - Genesis - high father; exalted father. Absolom Hebrew - 1 Kings - father of peace. Adam Hebrew - Genesis - earthy; red. Adonijah Hebrew - 2 Samuel - the Lord is my master. Amariah Hebrew - 1 Chronicles - the Lord says; the integrity of the Lord. Amaziah Hebrew - 2 Kings - the strength of the Lord. Amos Hebrew - Amos - loading; weighty. Ananias Greek, from Hebrew - Acts - the cloud of the Lord. Andrew Greek - Matthew - a strong man. Apollos Greek - Acts - one who destroys; destroyer.

Asa Hebrew - 1 Kings - physician; cure. Asaph Hebrew - 1 Chronicles - who gathers together. Asher Hebrew - Genesis - happiness. Azariah Hebrew - 1 Kings - he that hears the Lord. Barak Hebrew - Judges - thunder, or in vain. Barnabas Greek, Aramaic - Acts - son of the prophet, or of consolation. Bartholomew Aramaic - Matthew - a son that suspends the waters. Baruch Hebrew - Nehemiah. Benaiah Hebrew - 2 Samuel - son of the Lord. Benjamin Hebrew - Genesis - son of the right hand.

Bildad Hebrew - Job - old friendship.